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Our Company policy:


For lease requests, we always need a Letter of Mandate from the End User.

 Our Company standard procedures:

*      LOI or MOU from the Lessee in which they agree with the payment terms and conditions as agreed and as will be send in the Draft Head of Terms.

*      NCND + Comission agreements (if needed to be paid via us) with PAS

*      Head of Terms signed/returned + first (refundable) deposit to Lessor/Owner direct and  release of all aircraft documentation by PAS or Lessor

*      Inspection of the aircraft + last deposit + signing of final lease agreement by both parties

*      Start of the lease.


Dry Lease

The Lease of the basic aircraft without insurances, crew, maintenance etc. Usually aircraft offered on dry lease are owned by leasing companies and banks.

A dry lease requires the lessee to place the aircraft on it's own AOC and provide aircraft registration, crew, maintenance and insurance. A typical dry lease starts from two years onwards and bears certain conditions as far as depreciation, maintenance, insurances etc. are concerned. There are two types of dry lease... Operational & Financial lease.

Operational Lease

Medium to long-term option, generally a lease term that is short compared to the economic life of the aircraft being leased. An operating lease is commonly used to acquire aircraft for a term of 2-7 years. With an operating lease the aircraft doesn't appear on the Lessee's balance sheet



Premium Aviation Services, can not, acting as a Broker or Intermediare, be held responsable for any dispute between Lessor and Lessee. Lessor and Lessee explicitly declares to exonerate PAS from any responsibility arising from any claims or penalties resulting from any operational/contractual disputes between both parties, or any of its controlled Companies. PAS will arbitrate between PAS Lessors or its representative and Lessee or it's representative in their best way, in case of disputes, doubts, frictions, misunderstandings and communication conflicts.


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